Our Mission

To underwrite public school assembly programs that will help children make healthy nutrition and fitness choices.  An interactive assembly platform lends itself to an expansive and exploratory mindset.

“It’s cool to jump rope and eat broccoli,” say exiting students.  Peer pressure becomes an added incentive to explore new ideas.   A child who vehemently refused to eat anything green up to this point in time might well make a choice to try a green vegetable and learn that he or she actually liked it!

Our target audience is children between grades K-8 – before unhealthy habits grow roots. Our greater mission is to offer education on simple lifestyle modifications to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH.

This self-directed program seeks to teach kids:
to take responsibility for their own health and think about their eating choices,
what’s best for them and why, and why a strong body and a healthy mind lead to success in life.


At the present time, we are accepting applications from grade schools and middle schools to HOST HealthBarnUSA assemblies.  Click on the brief YouTube snippet of a HealthBarn USA 90-minute assembly, below to view:


Healthy lifestyle educational programs for children and their families

The assemblies meet NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards 2.1, 2.2, 2.6, 5.4 and 9.2 (and presumably corresponding standards in other states).

The assemblies’ mission is “to help students incorporate healthy behaviors into their daily lives at school and at home.”  All students visit each of the 5 tasting stations to try new foods from the 5 food groups as they learn the new USDA Food Plate for Kids. (All food served is free of nuts and wheat).

For more information about HealthBarn USA click here.

This healthy lifestyle educational program is not the only means to achieve optimal health.  We want to encourage specialists in other healing modalities to submit their assembly programming ideas (preferably via YouTube) for consideration.   Please click here to contact us.


May the Life in Sync 501c3 donations help bring obesity, diabetes and all disease to an end as we choose to mindfully ‘eat to live, not live to eat.’  Optimal health, like happiness, is simply a choice.